The 40th Drink

c/o Tori Amos
who makes pianos sing
and dances with the faeries

Do You Know Tori?

If not, how about some facts?

Born-...1963, North Carolina

Full Name- Myra Ellen Amos

Began Playing the Piano- Age 2

Began Composing- Age 4..

Admitted to Peabody Conservatory- Age 5

Kicked out of Peabody Conservatory- Age 11..

Begain Playing in Clubs- Age 13

First Album- "Y Kant Tori Read," 198?

Other Albums:

Hey all! Eventually, perhaps I'll get around to getting my *own* Tori Story online... I was fortuanate enough to see her(for the first time!) at Key Arena on October 7th as part of the 5 1/2 weeks tour. She was so awesome... it's an experience like no other, I'll tell you. Anyway, if anyone can get me more exact dates for the above information, or correct me if I'm terribly wrong about something, email me pretty please, kay?

Say goodbye to Tori now, it's time to go.
Bye Tori!

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