DON'T click this link...


Here's the script I used to change the background color of the page. It's the whole HTML tag for the link--that's all.

<A HREF="javaScript1.html" OnMouseOver="document.bgColor='#EE7799', window.status='AARRGGHH! You turned me PINK!'; return true"; OnClick="window.alert('Mutter...mutter...mutter...')">Home</A>

OnMouseOver tells the computer to do something when the user's mouse is over the text. document.bgColor is the command to change the color of the background. NOTE that inside the quotes by OnMouseOver, single quotes are used in place of double quotes. That's very important to remember.
window.status is the text I wanted to appear in the little bar that normally holds the URL of a link.
OnClick is what will happen if you click the link. You'll get an alert that says, "Mutter...Mutter...Mutter...", which is done through the window.alert command.


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