Do You Know Who Tori Amos Is?

This is Tori:
tori at mike
mtv tori

This is Tori again:
tori poster
And yes, this is Tori too!
leopard tori

Tori plays the piano:

roseanne show

Very well, in fact. She started composing music when she was 3 years old, no kidding, and was playing in clubs by 13. Pretty amazing, huh?

This is Tori in a box:
little earthquakes
Tori reflecting:

watery tori

There are many, many web sites devoted to Tori, her music, and her views.
You can find a lot of them by typing Tori Amos into any search engine, but
The Dent and Really Deep Thoughts are two of the larger ones I've seen.

If you check back in a week or two, you might get lucky
and find more pics and Tori info here. Our you might not.
But anyway...

Shh! Tori is sleeping:
sh! sleeping

Say goodbye to Tori now, it's time to go.
Bye Tori!

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