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Last updated March 27 2001 A.D.
New Stuff: Front Page (IOW, see below, blind fools. I made the freaking thing yellow, for cryin' out loud)


However much I doubt too many people actually come here, I thought I'd let y'all know that this site has been retired. It will remain in existence on the web until Tripod decides it's taking up too much server space and scraps it. If anyone has need of the content on this site, and either can't access it or whatever, please email me and I will be happy to see what I can do.

--Thanks, Katie

Hey there, all you web-weary travellers who just happened upon my page. This is the homepage of one, Katie, Hereafter reffered to in the first person, singular tense. At this point I am a sophmore in high school, and finding out just how much I want to go away to college. Life as usual.

     This is where you can find most of my test sites for new web design and other stuff I'm working on, like The Game, Java, JavaScript, and other such incomplete twiddlings below. You can also find school projects, contest sites, basic practice, humor of all shapes and sizes, not to mention miscellaneous junk all over this site.

By the way-- the title of my page (Café À Demain) means, roughly, Tomorrow's Cafe. Hey, what can I say. I tend to procrastinate, I love français... why not?

Contents of Katie's Site(In order of Addition):

Action Research Project- Ah, the wonders of a sophomore english class. One of the requirements of this particular project was to create some sort of action to communicate our purpose with the rest of the community; what better way than with a web page? My topic focuses on how building, construction, and design techniques have changed to become more environmentally-friendly, mainly dealing with the Sammamish Slough, Cascadia CC, and Timbercrest JH. Updtd March 2000

C Tests/Misc Programming- Since around the beginning of winter I've started to learn how to actually program instead of merely scripting off of someone else's applications; until April I had dealt namely in C though dad would've rather had me on something (A)Less dangerous to the computer; and (B)More object-oriented. Anyhow, C has proved itself to be unnecessarily complicated and clumsy(though better than most languages in several respects), so I've swapped over to Java, which is showing much promise in actually being logically designed. Not to mention interesting. To get to my point, these pages are for short, simplistic, slightly buggy -yet newish- Java, not to mention my old C programs, which I have posted here in order to transfer from PC to Mac and v/v... grumble. Cross-disking is such a hassle. Updtd July 2000

egaP-You ought to know me, who I am, and what I like to do. If not, well... This is my personal page for unloading all the miscellaneous crud that was cluttering up this page and the rest of my mind. Shoutouts, opinionations, but mostly miscellaneous babble...all available right here for your amusement. Be forewarned, I am what you might call "Mac-Friendly"...<hit minor chord> :) Updtd June 2000

The 40th Drink- My small piece of the intricate web of Tori pages online. A few pics, and some general info about the wonderful musician who really helps me out whenever I need some great piano to cry on.

Ways to Get Rid of Your Roommate- A bunch of ways to get your roommate to move out. Quite funny, also quite long.

The Game- Online home for a Generic walking-around-puzzle-solving-saving-town Game. It doesn't have a name yet(well, it's gone though several, but it's still pretty darn nameless). If you're not involved, you may be a mite confused. Heck, even if you are involved you'll probably be confused. It comes with the territory. This link may not be operable quite yet; if it looks too empty try the old location. The main character's name is "paul" (sic). rivard.org updtd Feb 2000, gzero updtd Nov 1999

My Downloads-This is my page for the rare occasion I'll create something I feel the need to share with the world... ie small programs, screensavers, sound bytes etc. Updtd July 2000

JavaScript Project- A set of pages exploring my knowlege of javaScript. I got most of this info from HTML Goodies, JavaScript Division; the rest came from JavaScript by Example by Stephen Feather. Updtd summer 1999

3D Designs- Some stuff I've been working on with VIDI Presenter and Modeler, a couple of awesome programs supporting 3D on the Mac. VIDI's now called 3DJoy, but they're still the greatest. :) Check 'em out. I've made some progress with the new rendering capabilities available with the new version; I'll try to get them up soon. Updtd Fall 1999

My Old Site- This is the website I had prior to May '99. Some Tori stuff, taglines, poetry, and the like. I finally fixed the links, so they all work now. You're welcome. If you can prove me wrong, email me.

Outside Projects:
Cardorombia- This is a memory-type card game created with Macromedia Director. It was made in 1998 by Brandy Wheeler and Amanda Baker, who somehow got me to do all of their scripting for them.

WHS-The site for Woodinville High School, which a class I am currently in works on from time to time, and tidbits of which have been fiddled with by yours truly.


Looking for links? They've moved to their own page -- here.

Hey, all you web surfers. Guess what? No helper programs were used in the making of this site; I did it the easy way with HTML. If you don't already know how to use HTML, you have no excuse--it's so easy even my mom could learn it in less than a week or two. That's pretty impressive. The best way I've seen to learn the language is with this site: HTML Goodies. The guy who created the site and wrote the book(HTML Goodies) makes it incredibly easy to learn. Check it out...

Anyhow, that's all I have to say for now. So Long, Farewell, Adieu, Au Revoir, À Bientôt, Bonne Journée, Sayonara, Domo Origato, Hasta Luego, Adios. Good Bye.

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And remember--
Utinam barbari spatium proprium tuum invadant.

(That's latin..."May barbarians invade your personal space")


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