I may have mentioned just how many plants they've got over at the Cascadia nursery...This is about half of what they've got outside. It's a nice, wide, scape of plants out there.
These are willow trees, believe it or not. The method they use to cultivate these plants is rather interesting; They take cuttings from established trees, and stuff them into really wet dirt or a bucket of water. The willows take root and take off all by themselves!  
  These are the willows once they've been growing for a while. These pots are probably pretty close to planting time.
These are a whole bunch of under-water plants...as you can see, they're got a lot of them over at the nursery.  
  This is one common species of grass found in native wetlands in the Pacific Northwest. It does have a better name than simply "grass," but I couldn't zoom in with the camera close enough to catch the plant tag.
These are some pots of dogwood, another tree which likes to have its feet wet. Dogwoods however need a great deal of oxygen near their roots, and so do best when planted near running water.  



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