So What?

or, Why are you telling me this?

So what is all this information supposed to mean? Hopefully it means that we as a race are moving forward and realizing we can't just trapse through the planet anymore, that we have to clean up after ourselves. LCLA has the right idea-- don't just do it because the state tells you to, do it because it's the right thing for the environment. They could have gotten away with dong much less to the stream on the site--but they didn't. They chose to completely restore the floodplains instead. I would love to see more companies like LCLA come up in the next few decades. It makes me feel a whole lot better about the world I'm moving into as I come into the responsibilities of being an adult in a world only just realizing its potential...before I know it, I will be the one feelling guilty about handing my kids a world saturated with the garbage of humanity. I truly hope I won't have to--I'd like to think that things will magically become "fixed" by then, but you can only justify so much wishful thinking. What needs to happen is for the teenagers and elementary school students of today to learn how to interact with an environment without killing it. There are ways for both the environment and the human race to be perfectly happy living along side each other, but we won't find these ways by simply hoping we'll stumble upon them in the dark. The only way to discover how to survive in the rapidly changing world we live in is to venture out into the unknown, pioneer in a sense into the wonders of ecology. Nature has kept the balance for millennia. Is there some reason why we can't do the same?

I really enjoyed doing all the research for this project, and hope you enjoyed reading what I have to offer here. If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to email me. I love the feedback!

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