This is a web site. But you knew that.

People to whom this site is dedicated would be the people I'd be saying hi to:
Katie#2 (the one and only
FIRESTARTER) or #1 depending :), Allie and Allie, Jaime, Diedra(quiet down and don't talk so much!), Suzanne, Emily, Raina, Erin(*sniff* we miss you!), Blythe and her Books, as well as Sara and Talia and Becky and Ben and everyone else back in wonderfully weathered PA(how I miss
those winters... ooh), and... um...
anybody I missed please send me flames! so I can put you here.

So hello everybody, thank you for coming, be sure to wipe your feet; the bathroom's up the stairs and to the right.

My pages of
music, poetry, and images aren't exactly extensive yet,
so help is welcome and would be appreciated... *hint hint*

A FLAME for Katie:
Cool, Huh? There's more of this image
Ashley's page

Here are my LINKS:

The BitterButt Goddess - My friend Katie's nifty site, with a bunch of info about her and all the neat music she's got in her head.
Allie's Tori Place -Gee, I wonder what this one is...
Sara's World of Wonders - My friend Sara's awesome site. Really, really, cool links here, folks. THE place to go for Xfiles info.


The Official Red Green Site - If you don't know what The New Red Green Show is, don't bother going here. It's only for Canadians like us, eh?
Fun Stuff to do with Kool-Aid
- Again, I wonder what this one is...
MontyPython, etc - Lots of scripts, jokes, and taglines here!
GellyRoll - Explore your creativity! Poetry, word expression stuff.
www.meat.com - NOT what you think; actually there's some nice background stuff available from this site.
The National Science Olympiad Site - The Science Olympiad site lots of people have been asking me for; rules and extra info are posted here.

And if you were planning on asking me
for help with homework :)

Tori sites:

The Dent - Giant site with lost of up-and-coming info, not to mention summaries of Tori stuff that's already happened.
Tori & the Sandman - The story of Tori and Neil, plus info about all of his characters and fun stuff like that.
Tori MIDIs - Some of these are really good, like those made by whoever "Python" is, but some of them just suck, so choose wisely.

I would have yet more links honoring TORI AMOS!! since there are thousands out there,
But I think you'd do better visiting Katie's and Allie's sites...
(The Patch, Tori Place,and Twilight in case you weren't paying attention)
I get all of my fave sites from there, see?
(Besides, I'm really bad at writing down the URLs while surfing)
I have made a little pic/info page though, which is

That's the end for this page; if you haven't already,
check out my other pages at the bottom, pretty please?

So now I say so long, 'bye everybody; safe ride home.
[closed captioned for the thinking impaired]

Ha ha, all you IBM people!! The Mac's got a page!!!! : )
Go Here for some disorganized IBM/DOS/Windows/Gates/Computer jokes

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