Sources(IOW, relatively cleaned up)

Moza 0.1(7-15-00) Source for a navigable maze. Useful pretty much only if you're looking for a really easy, simple, kinda twisted way to do navigation for a game... a 68K executable is available from the downloads page. Anyhow, I wrote it in C, all out of my own little head, using MetroWerks Codewarrior for a compiler/etc. Go to town with the source, as long as you notify me of any useful changes.
Thalos(2-15-00) Source for whatever TADS version of Thalos is up. Written, duh, in the Text Adventure Development System with the appropriate software, by me, with some help from the source of the game Ditch Day Drifter by Michael J Roberts to get me started. Please don't mess around with this, or at least ask me first; it's not quite all mine.

Messy, messy code


Checkbook vA (School version: replaces if/else with switch() )

CodeWarrior "Words" Project:
words.c (AKA Checkbook vB; uses less efficient if/else statements, screwed-up file i/o system)(nov-dec 99)
words2.c (File I/O: username.txt files)(nov-dec 99)

Xiso ..Methinks this is a maze game? Written in C++.


Java Notes My notes so far on the Java programming language; taken off of the beginner's tutorials posted at Some of the embedded graphics may or may not be missing...sorry. (march-april 00)

Java Source All my Java source code is available from this index. As of 5/1/00, it should contain the latest version of the "X" series(basic java/oop concepts), as well as some prelim copies of the File series(file output/input). As soon as I get things going, look for some awt-based gui tests.(updtd may 00)

Misc. Junk

Notes (..on NT via a WHS computer class)(jan-feb 00)

Links (some links I have collected)(feb-march 00)

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