Hey all, this is where you can download stuff that I make, redesign, or just found and liked so I put it here. Everything below can be de-compressed or whatever using Stuffit Deluxe; if it doesn't work for your computer email me and I'll see what I can do.

Moza 0.1 -?K- 68K executable of a C maze game. I did everything myself, so it's rather(rather-ha!) "dinky" in nature, as my experience in this so far is well, not. You can download the source if you want, just let me know if any changes you make are useful.

Thalos: Current Version- 308K- Current version of the game we haven't named yet; I call it Thalos for nonconfusatory purposes.    v0.5: *pre*Preview. Text-based standalone game written with TADS. A few key rooms, and that's it.

Flaming Troll Screensaver-43K-A Resorcerered copy of a screensaver I downloaded from shareware.com; compliments of Human Conditions Software. Pops up random doorways in your desktop, revealing an obviously combustible troll doll.

Shut Down the Computer-3.2MB-A neato techno song made with some old Mac alert sounds and speakables, around 3:40 in length. A rather large file, so beware...

[.sit happens]

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