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Sites By Me -- Yes, it's our very own domain name...I webmaster for us, and did all the design work for the current layout. So, what's here? PNTSDF(if you don't know don't ask), Guestbook, FreeFlight(model planes--really cool)/Science Olympiad, some cgi practice, and an in-progress site for website creation by yours truly. The McAferty Family -- A web site I created for somebody ... not much there now, but we haven't decided on content yet :) So, once I get pictures, we'll be good... 'till then, it is how it is.

People Fraulein Feuer's Music Box -- My good friend KatieJ's page... she's obvoiusly on a bit of a german fetish this year (she ought to, she's in german 1...novelty kick) but there's lots here to fritter your time away on. Lots and lots of music, Con pictures, PCOMN, some art, zine stuff, more music... did I mention music? The Dent -- the Tori Amos Universe. This site's pretty darn awesome, but perhaps not if you've no idea who Tori is... Anyhow, if you know her, go here, if not and you want to, go here, if not ... well then. Sara's Awesome Page -- Super selection of links--jokes, movies, x-files, etc. The Truth Is Out There, ya' know. CourtneyCourtney --Okay, I *wish* I could design like this. Wow. And poetry too. Visit Courtney's sites, folks, they're both unbelievably awesome.
Jack's sites -- The first is more general(not to mention a little broken...the word is "update"), the second focuses on a Wintel web editor which is actually pretty good, plus other miscellaneous utilities. -- Hey look, it's another guy from my comp class. :) This site's fairly new (a/o 6-00), so there's not much actually *there* yet, but it's well-designed at least...

Corporate Apple Computer, Incorporated -- Of course, who else? Very expansive site, some really good resources as well. iTools is really can even get around the OS9 requirement on iDisks... :) MacAddict -- Site, for Mac Addicts just like me ... shareware, reviews, troubleshooting, hack-your-mac, iBrotha&WebFaustian(believe it...) ... generally cool. The EvangeList -- Yes, we're still here-- The community which has been reminding companies of the Mac presence since 1995 makes it's home ici, complete with news stories and giveaways. SonicNet -- Music for people who are Too Cheap to Buy It. Fix yourself up with a radio station of your fave genre -- who needs cds? CNET Shareware -- Tops my list as a source for shareware ... Mac, PC mostly. Maximum Linux -- Pretty good Linux site: Howto's, news, polls, reviews... Sun: Java -- If you're learning Java, it's the place to go... everything to get you started and more. CodeWarrior University -- Great spot to learn lots. They have courses(online)(free) on everything from C++ and Java to Advanced Photoshop and Imbedded Programming(we're talking cell phones & microwaves). Check 'em out, take advantage of the opportunity.

Recreation IF -- IOW, interactive fiction and/or adventure games... simplistic, yet strangely addictive. Easy to write, sometimes difficult to solve ... a step up from a book, a step down from a MUD. EvolveFISH -- hmmm... this is one of those "interesting" sites. If you happen to be overly defensive about Christianity, I wouldn't suggest a visit. Otherwise, it's a great little place..."alternate" viewpoint merchandise. Centre for the Easily Amused -- Humor from people who spell things the right way... check out the Flash games, they're neato; the chocolate covered musings are delish. Brian's Brain -- Tripod site, winner of many awards. This guy has a love of quotable quotes that nearly surpasses my own. Pretty spiffy web design here, folks. Check it out. Think Geek -- Stuff for Smart Masses. Another ...interesting site. In the market for a "Kernel Panic" shotglass? A poster of Tux, rendered entirely in Linux kernel source code? A shirt that says "you are dumb" -- in binary? Find all that and more here...

Education S)cience O)lympiad S)tudent C)enter (SOSC) -- Awesome site, so many good pages, chats twice a week during competition season, fairly decent ML for discussion with other "olympians". Never heard of the Science Olympiad? Try the national site. Homework Central -- If I could pick one site that was the most helpful for any and all research projects I could come up with, this would be it. Search any topic, any skill level, and you'll either get an answer or be redirected to a place where you can find one. Good spot to bookmark.

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